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So pleased after passing second time with Sarah, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, patient, diligent and incredibly knowledgeable! Her calm, organised approach was exactly what I needed after a bad experience knocked my confidence; I highly recommend, with bells on! Thanks Oasis.

Anna Cessford

I started learning with Sarah around 2 months ago after not taking any lessons for 3 years. She was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I had lacked confidence when learning with my previous instructor, but found Sarah to be very patient and calm which gave me the confidence to drive successfully. She is full of great tips and is a great teacher. I am now happy to say have passed my test! Thanks Sarah 😀 x

Becky Townsend

Sarah listened to me and made everything really clear and easy to understand. The use of the iPad really helped with understanding highway code, and making sure I knew what I was meant to be doing before doing it, which boosted my confidence. loved my lessons so much, I can't wait for my motor way lessons in a few weeks time. The best there is!